Featured News / 12.22.2019

Chef Luigi Diotaiuti Named Ambassador of Basilicata, Italy’s Cuisine in the World



Presenting at the Polenta Festival in Nemoli

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019 Luigi Diotaiuti was proud to host a cooking show for the community of Nemoli’s “Carnevale” Sagra della Polenta, or Polenta Festival.  The award-winning chef prepared classic polenta made with local ingredients while also using the opportunity to discuss the migration of ingredients from one continent to the other. Originally a […]


Remembering Culinary Legends Michel Richard and Jean Louis Palladin

On October 20, 2019, Chef Luigi Diotaiuti participated in an evening dedicated to remembering local DC culinary legends Michel Richard and Jean Louis Palladin. Organized by the Chefs Club of Washington, DC – the proceeds benefitted DC Central Kitchen.


“Anima e Cibo” Maratea, Italy

As a part of Italy’s national “Capodanno Rai” televised New Year’s event in Maratea, Basilicata, Chef Luigi Diotaiuti presented workshops on the cuisine and culture of Basilicata and discussed his role as Basilicata; A Way of Living’s founder. The following article was published in La Nuova  on December 29, 2017. 


Chef Luigi participates in 40 year Anniversary of his Alma Mater

On November 27, 2014 the Instituto Alberghiero in Maratea, Italy where Chef Luigi Diotaiuti trained held a luminous conference to celebrate its 40th year anniversary. Now known as “one of Italy’s best scholastic institutes,” the school’s discussion also included journalist Maria Rosaria Monaco, Francesco Garramone, Rosa Fabiano, Isabella Di Deco, Rosario Miele, and Valentina Trotta. […]


Italian Night Dinner in Washington

On January 29, 2016 Chef Luigi Diotaiuti participated in a benefit dinner at the Washington Golf Club.


Milan Expo 2015

As a  member of the American Chefs Corps Network through the U.S. Department of State, Chef Luigi Diotaiuti led culinary activities and attended programs at the Milan Expo on behalf of both the American Chefs Corps and on behalf of his native region of Basilicata. 

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